Monday, March 14, 2011

New Pallet Rack Quick Ship Locations

New Pallet Rack Quick Ship Locations Page Added!
This weekend I added an in stock quick ship page to the website.
This lets customers know where and how to purchase pallet rack quickly for their facility.
Pallet rack and wire decking needs can become urgent at times, so knowing where it is in stock is helpful.

And oh yea.....Duke Blue Devils 2011 ACC Champions!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bishamon EZ Loaders

Bishamon EZ Loader

EZ Loaders are true ergonomic tools
in every sense of the word. They are designed to eliminate worker bending by automatically raising and lowering pallets during loading or unloading without the use of mechanical springs. EZ Loaders also allow easy pallet rotation so the worker does not have to reach or strain. As the load weight changes, the EZ Loader automatically adjusts, keeping the top of the load at a convenient working height. The patented pneumatic operating system found only in the EZ Loader has proven to be the top choice of industry professionals worldwide.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Used Pallet Rack Now Available!

Used Teardrop Pallet Rack Available Now!

  • In Stock in Charlotte, NC
  • Available for Immediate Shipment or Pick Up
  • Freight Estimates Available to Your Dock
  • Installation Services Available for Used Pallet Rack
  • Used Pallet Rack in Good Condition
  • Heavy Duty 3''x3'' Column Uprights
  • Save 50% off New Pallet Rack
  • Steel Prices are Going Up, Great Deal!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magliner Gemini Hand Trucks: Gemini Jr & Gemini Sr Hand Trucks!

Magliner Gemini Hand Trucks

  • In Stock for Immediate Shipment
  • Ships from Greensboro, NC
  • Ships from Standish, MI
  • Convertable Hand Trucks
  • Magliner Fold Down Hand Trucks

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Updates to the Website!

What a weekend.....Super Bowl where Aaron Rodgers (my fantasy qb) looked awesome.  Also, my Dukies whooped up on the wolfpack.  The majority of the weekend was spent on working on the website.  I updated the Morse Drum Handling Equipment page (Now 70% Finished), updated the pallet jack page, strip door material page, pallet rack, and Ridg-U-Rak page.
Here are the results of being an I.T. nerd all weekend.....

Monday, January 31, 2011

Fed Ex Kinko's Distribution Center Project

Fed Ex Kinko's recently needed to update their distribution center to use the space provided more efficiently.  We used teardrop pallet rack that was 24' high and 42'' deep.  Workers are behind the racking on the conveyor lines so in order to protect the workers from any pallets/boxes falling, we used safety rack netting.  Pallet flow was used so that the workers could pick boxes off the pallet and send it down the conveyor line.

Pallet Rack, Rack Netting, Pallet Flow, Wire Decking and Conveyor

Also used was carton flow that dropped right into place between the front and back beams.  Fed Ex Kinko's was great to work with.  We were exited to be able to provide that racking, wire decking, pallet flow, carton flow, rack netting and conveyor.  We provided and managed the installation of the project from start to finish. Thank you Fed Ex Kinko's!
Come take a look at more pictures:  Fed Ex Kinko's Pallet Rack Installation
Carton Flow with Teardrop Pallet Rack

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Morse Drum Handling Products!

Morse Mfg is one of my favorite suppliers.  The provide excellent customer service.  Morse drum handling equipment are the premier drum handling products in the industry.  I take pride in representing Morse drum handling and really appreciate the loyalty that Morse provides to its dealers.

New Website URL!

On Friday, we added a new URL to link to the website.  The new URL is  The goal is to generate more traffic to the website from search engines.  I have been reading a lot about search engine optimization and URL's that describe your website or products on your website have high rankings in search results.

Here it is:  Pallet Rack and Wire Decking Supply

Pallet Rack and Wire Decking Supply
Mecalux Pallet Rack, 12'High x 42''Deep Uprights & Wire Decking 42''Deep x 46''Wide

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